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Baby Shower

Congratulations!!! Baby showers allows your friends and family to celebrate and welcome your new baby into this next phase of being out your tummy. We at Sparks of Colors can help make this a memorable fun experience for you and your guest.


What should you paint?

You can choose from our collections of paintings, add a personal touch by painting something to hang in the baby’s room or instead of a take home party bag, each guest will go home with their own painting. Priceless!


The minimum of 10 painters or 10 paid painting spots, is required for all private parties.

Group rates available for 30 or more

1-2 hour painting $20 per person

2-3 hour painting $25 per person

3-4 hours painting $30 per person

Customized painting: price may vary base on complexity and time to complete.

Mom to be is always 50% off priced


Put down a deposit of $75 which can be refunded back or applied to the payment for the party. All payments must be received 7 days prior to event. Guest can cancel reservations with full refund 72 hour prior to event. The host have the option of paying for the guest or providing a list of your guest with telephone or email address and we will send them a link with an invitation that includes details of your event and collect payment. No hassle, we do the work for you, leaving time for you to enjoy the party.

Included: Instructor, design image selected, canvas, easel, paints, paints brush and any extra supplies necessary to complete the selected design. You provide the location, someplace for your guest to sit and paint and we’ll do the rest.

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